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Rant Via Twitter

Thu, Oct 14 2010 (02:03 PM)

Firstly, I’m going to not apologize for having taken so long to write. If I do that, every blog post will begin with the same apology: “wah. wah. my life is soooo busy. I wish I could just write alllllll the time.” No one wants to read that. From now on, I’ll just post when I have something to say and the time to say it dammit.

Coffee Rant

So, I’m trying Starbucks “Via” instant coffee for the second time today. It’s supposed to be everything you need, on the go, for a good cup of perfectly flavored coffee. About a week ago I tried the mocha flavor. It was okay. This morning, I’m drinking vanilla. I think it’s maybe a little better. But here’s my beef with it. The commercials show people just tearing off the top of the cute little pouch, pouring it in a cup, and adding hot water. Voila! Instant perfect coffee! Praises the coffee gods in all of their coffee glory! In reality, that little bugger doesn’t rip open. Or, at least the ones I got don’t. Both times, I’ve struggled to tear it exactly where it tells me to and free the caffeine charged delight, but whatever the layered plasticy material is, it doesn’t like to be torn. So, you really need a pair of scissors for this idyllic cup of on-the-go coffee, and I can imagine that scissors may not always be readily available. It’s kind of a nit-picky complaint, but I’m just surprised that it’s even an issue. Do you think anyone at Starbuck’s headquarters has actually tried Via directly from the pouch? Did no one say, “Jeez, Dave, this is a bitch open.”? Oh well. [/rant]

Rant #2: Twitter complaints

I’m becoming a big fan of The Oatmeal, a comic strip site, and one of the things Matthew Inman posted recently was this list of things people need to stop tweeting. Well, I have one to add to the list. Stop tweeting about anything you can’t say 140 characters or less. The point of twitter is to get quick, short updates on your friends. If you want to tell me a story, write about it on your blog or make a facebook post or something. I never want to read a tweet that starts out “…continuing my sentence blah blah blah”. If your tweets must be read in order to make any coherent sense, you’re doing it wrong. If you really want all of your twitter followers to know what you’re thinking and you absolutely cannot keep it to the character limit, start a blog. Make your posts there. And put a link to the post on twitter. Everyone can now read your story without having to read backwards through your tweets which may be interrupted on their feed by posts from people they follow other than you. Yes, you’re not the only one people follow. [/rant 2]

Oh, and I don’t want all of this post to be negative so… world peace! cancer cures! green living! love of fellow man! other positive crap and buzz words!

I’m out.

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