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Six More Weeks!

Fri, Jul 02 2010 (08:45 PM)

It’s been over a month since my last post, but I’ve been decently productive in that month. Our wedding plans are taking form, but we still have a long way to go before August 14th. Sadly, I’m still getting invitations out. I think those are supposed to go out two months in advance. I didn’t even have them printed at that point. Oh well. Most of them are in the hands or mailboxes of the recipients. Now, I just have to wait on RSVPs. And take care of the flowers. And pick out favors. And print programs. And decide on readings. And get the legal paperwork. And finish marriage prep. And get gifts for the attendants. And make a playlist for the DJ. And about a million other things. And Layla has been quite the comrade during all of this. Probably the most ridiculous part was trying on wedding dresses with her. Nothing like standing in a wedding gown calming your baby while your mother and the attendant comment on how your back fat is muffin-topping over the bodice. (Trying on wedding dresses is also a great way to feel fat and ugly.) Luckily, we found one at a rental shop that actually looked really nice on me. It was nice to finally feel pretty after a long, hot, sweaty, cranky-baby day.

I’d rather not think about wedding stuff any more. I just want it to happen. I want to get married and for everyone to have a good time. If I had plenty of money and time, I might design a really elegant wedding, but I’m running out of both and the frills don’t really concern me any more.

In Tales from the Diaper… We have discovered that Layla’s poop will look like the fruit or veggie from two or three meals ago. And if that food was prunes, it’ll smell like it, too. And Layla is learning that pooping is much more difficult with solid foods than with a liquid diet. (Thus, the prunes.) However, I will not miss the runny, leak-everywhere poo. It’s nice to put her in outfits that aren’t stained mustard yellow on the back.

And, that would be the sound of Morning Mommy Time ending. Time to rescue Layla from her bassinet.

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