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Hooray! Insomnia!

Sat, May 01 2010 (02:39 AM)

I have battled insomnia since at least junior high. Tonight, it’s winning. So, I’ve come downstairs to post on my blog. I’m not totally with it, so forgive me if none of this makes sense. Babble babble babble. stream of consciousness. stupid baby monitor is all static down here. i think it might be because of the computers. not really sure though. we were listening to a stackoverflow podcast as we fell asleep tonight, so my first dream this evening was about stackexchange sites. pretty lucid. i think Layla might be waking up, but i can’t really tell because the baby monitor is too staticy. staticky? static-y? i guess it’s not a real word. Windows Live Writer says they’re all wrong.

it really sucks being both tired and unable to sleep. What kind of condition is that? Like, what if you were hungry and kept putting food up to your mouth, but your mouth kept closing before you could put the food in? That’s ridiculous. Or if you had to pee, and you sat down on the toilet and your body was like, “no. i’m gonna hold it.” it’s a good thing tomorrow (today) is saturday. I can take a nap later if I need to.


i want to sleep. i want to sleep. i want to sleep. I wish I had some more interesting things to say to you, internet-world. but my mind is pretty blank right now. blank. blank. blank.

why is 3 a good number for repeated nonsense? does it just feel good to say something 3 times? Is it part of a cultural tendency? I know the number three is significant for Christianity, and therefore prominent in Western cultures. You, in the East, where it’s normal to be awake right now. What number is most prominent in your culture? If someone says, “pick a number between 1 and 10,” what number will people most likely pick? Over here, it’s easily 3 or 7. But 7 is way too many times to repeat a phrase or word in print. it just gets kind of ridiculous. So three works better.

I wish I was funnier. Back at Benedictine, I caught myself using a lower voice any time I said something funny or told a joke. It was shortly after I’d seen Anchor Man, so I guess it was sort of a Ron Burgundy thing. But, I kind of wondered if I just thought men were naturally funnier. There aren’t a great deal of female comedians and far fewer who are actually funny. A lot of them are lesbians which led John and I to the conclusion that it just takes some balls to get up in front of people and tell jokes for a living. It’s a tough world, and a lot of straight women aren’t cut out for it. Is that totally sexist? I really don’t know. I mean, I am a straight woman. So, can it be that bad coming from me? And I didn’t say all straight women. I said a lot of straight women. So, I’m not generalizing the entire demographic group.

I should probably shut up and try to go to sleep again before I really start insulting people in my dazed, sleep-deprived stupidity. Good night, moon!

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