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Here, just let me do it.

Thu, Apr 22 2010 (11:01 PM)

This afternoon, while Layla and I watched for John to come home, I counted four separate buses entering our neighborhood. Is that really necessary? How many different schools do the children in our neighborhood attend? As I’ve stated before, our neighborhood has no outlet. It’s just half a mile of street with several cul-de-sacs and two loops. Couldn’t the city save a little by having only one bus or even two come to our neighborhood? And I saw at least one more bus pass our street and enter the neighborhood on the other side of the creek. I would think that area could have been combined with ours. Who makes these routes and schedules? I realize that I don’t have all the information in front of me, but this is exactly the type of puzzle I love to solve. Let’s make this as efficient as possible. I was the same way about our schedule at work. Our manager didn’t like to do it and said she found it difficult. Could it really have been that hard? Again, I never had all the information. It could have actually been rather complicated. For me, that would have made it more fun. I really wanted to do it for her, but I highly doubt I would have been allowed to do so. Everything is so regulated in a company. It seems to make things less efficient instead of more efficient.

That’s just my rant for the day.

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