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Anyone want to play?

Thu, Apr 15 2010 (08:30 AM)

I’m sitting at home this evening with a sleeping husband and sleeping baby. It’s absolutely beautiful outside. Layla and I just took a 30 minute walk. But I’m bored now. I want to go do something! It would be great if we lived somewhere with lots of good hiking areas. But Kansas is known for being terribly flat. And our neighborhood is between a creek and a highway, so we’re a little boxed in. In December, I walked the same short route Layla and I took today. The same short route, about twelve times in five days as I attempted to induce labor. Everyone had told me that was the way to go. And at a week overdue, I was willing to try anything. I walked until my shins ached and my back was so sore I could barely stand it. But I eventually gave up on that because the weather was unkind and the route was boring me. Luckily, I went into labor the night before I was scheduled to be induced. And two weeks late, just before the close of the year, Layla arrived healthy and beautiful.

The point of all that was to explain that I’m not very fond of the limited area for walking in my neighborhood. I could drive to a park and walk there, but it seems a little silly to drive somewhere to take a walk. I miss the neighborhood where I grew up. There were two parks within walking distance and a bike path by the river just a few blocks away. And maybe I’m getting antsy too because I saw quite a few children out playing this evening. I want to be in my backyard playing “circus” with my siblings and friends. That’s what we called it, but it should have just been “acrobats”. We basically just did crazy stunts all over our swing sets and and play set. I bet if Mom had any idea what we were doing out there she’d have freaked.

I’ve never been the athletic type, but I really want a basketball hoop for our driveway. Anyone up for a game of knock out? Good Lord, you’d think I was ADHD or something, but I want to go bike riding or something. Just get me outside to do something!!!

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